9. His Failure

All demons in the room looked tense. Except for Leon, who was sitting with a bored face on the throne. He was, oddly enough, still lenient when the general of the Interessengruppen suggest something that humiliated his greatness. The thing he was proud of as The Avatar of Pride.

“Don’t beat around the bush, Alair,” he demanded.

Alair bowed his head. “I didn’t dare to be presumptuous, My Lord.” His body trembled in fear as a light breath of Leon’s power blown towards him.

“Raise your head.”

Alair raises his head at Leon’s command. He stared at his master right in his golden eyes to show his sincerity.

“It would be wise if Miss Felenia learns about the Demon World first,” he said that with a firm voice.

Leon did not reject or accept his suggestion. He was still considering it.

“So you’re saying I should put her in the Demon School?” After a moment of silence, Leon responded.

“That’s right, My Lord.”

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