10. The First Day

A royal carriage with a crest of three different heads landed in the courtyard of Leon’s castle. It looked spectacular.

In front of Felen, a gigantic horse with black wings spread beautifully pulled the carriage. The horse’s eyes were white and looked lifeless.

The carriage looked wonderful when it was flying in the sky. A truly amazing attraction for a human like her. It was like seeing a fairy tale come true.

In the human world, such a thing would be impossible for her to see. The most surprising thing was there was no coachman.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.” A deep, low-pitched voice came out from the black horse. It bowed his head in showing courtesy like royalty.

It shocked Felen. She didn’t expect it could talk, even had a masculine voice. Another thing that made her surprised was the sudden appearance of Leon with a dark aura emitted from his body.

“Long time no see, Zeron.” Those relaxed words with a firm ton

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