21. The Maze

Humans are full of surprises.


Felen’s body shook with anger. Her adrenaline was racing, and she craved to vent his resentment by crushing Barend. The small dagger in her pocket was keen to be used to torture his father. However, the ropes tying her hands, feet, and upper body restricted her from performing it.

She looked back up at Leon, who kept ignoring her.

“Untie me, Leon!” This time, there was no pleading tone in her voice. She told him to help her untie the ropes that bound her entire body.

“Why should I do such a troublesome thing, Felenia?” He grinned. The scene in front of him was quite enjoyable, but he had no intention of doing something without being paid handsomely.

Her brain thought hard about what could draw him. Then, she said what runs into her mind without a second thought.

“I’ll show you an amusing show.” There was not the slightest hesitation in her voice when she said those words

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