24. Vow of Death

You bind my soul, and I will enforce you in the same way so that your lips never tell lies.


“Get dressed. I’ll show you something.”

After saying that, Leon got up. Without turning back to see Felen’s reaction. He left her alone, and she could only remain silent.

One thing for sure was that his calmness gave her an uncomfortable feeling. He brought up the kiss that she had not paid off. Kissing him wasn’t the first time, but she still couldn’t do it.

She remembers the excitement when their lips touched.

She subconsciously touched her pink lips in slow motions, soaking up their soft texture. The blush that graced her cheeks grew brighter to the earlobe, but it didn’t last long as a knock on the door caught her attention.

“Miss, we come to help you prepare.” The voice behind the door was firm.

A bunch of white bunnies appeared together through the door afte

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