28. Masquerade Ball Party

The corners of Leon's lips twitched as Felen's voice calling his name over and over again came through telepathically. His focus was suddenly confused, and made him imagine that the body currently in his control was Felen, his bride-to-be. Leon growled in annoyance as he stomped harder and harder.

"You seem in a hurry, My Lord. It's still a long night." Lilith spoke along with sighs and groans that echoed after Leon finished his activities.

Without answering Lilith's unimportant statement, the man immediately fixed his clothes and smoothed his jet black hair to make it look a little neater. Felen's soft voice calling his name was still heard, making him lazy to continue the annual event which is a mandatory activity on the agenda. Leon's mind was more focused on Felen who was frightened by the energy of the demons around him, and it bothered him a lot.

"Are you going to meet you

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