35. Abelard's Decision

Every human being has their own dark side which they neatly hide. If you are, what kind of dark side are you hiding behind that mask?


"Don't leave this room, unless you want to share the same fate as your other friends." Abelard said coldly while buttoning the black shirt that wrapped around his body. He then left Eleanor who was still lying limp after sipping each other's pleasures for the third time. The same number as the woman Eleanor had 'invited' to this place according to Abelard's orders. Eleanor could only sob loudly when Abelard was no longer in the room.

Tonight Barend comes, and will return to perform the ritual of summoning demons.

Abelard sighed heavily. "Troublesome," the man said as he ruffled his hair roughly back.

Just as Abelard was standing firmly in front of the main door, Barend's carriage arri

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