37. Treasure Hunt

The room was filled with soft pink smoke that aroused one's deepest desires, especially the humans who were currently being hypnotized by sucking in the pink smoke. The slaves who were held captive by the devil. In the midst of the humans, Asmodeus who was the main star, enjoyed their inviting touches.

"It's such a pleasure to meet you, Lilith." The sentence was directed at the demoness who since her arrival just stood there without saying anything. Paying close attention to the place that became Asmodeus's personal harem.

"I'd like to ask permission to play a little in your territory, Asmodeus." A sly smile appeared on his face.

"Felenia, isn't it?" guess Asmodeus was right on target.

"He~ are you sure? Lucifer won't let you go if you're caught bothering his bride-to-be."

"He won't be participating in the treasure hunt

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