52. The Avatar of Gluttony

"That was . . . amazing, Milady. Honestly, I was so proud of you." Leon, who had been silent for a long time, opened his voice and immediately praised Felen's actions earlier. He followed her from behind so he didn't see her distorted face.

Even so, Leon realized that Felen was in a foul mood. Especially after the girl's old wounds were forcibly opened again. Because of that, when Felen didn't reply to his words and still continued to walk forward at a faster pace, he didn't talk to her anymore.

They finally exited Leviathan's room and returned to the starting door of the Third Dimension. However, unlike before where Felen chose to sit on the chair Leon provided, instead she stood facing the black doors that had not been entered with her hands on her waist.

"Let's just go straight in. I want to finish this quickly, then rest." She had already worned out.

"Alright. That's up to you, Milady. Besides, I'm just following along and accompanying you, but are you sure?" Leon noticed Felen's
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