58. The Traitors

Felen threw himself on the bed. Even though she wasn't doing strenuous activity that drained her energy, she felt like she was running out of energy after talking with Abelard. Abelard said that he wanted to talk again after lunch. A deep sigh escaped from her lips.

She was in the villa belonging to the Leister family. At first she refused to stay here, and wanted to go straight to Barend after she had known how rotten his father was. However, at Abelard's suggestion and Leon's orders, she postponed it.

Felen's eyes, which had been closed, slowly opened. She glanced at Leon who didn't move an inch as he stared out of the window. Drops of water that fell from the sky slowly began to wet the earth. It constant voice gave comfort to the room engulfed in silence.

"It's strange to see you being so quiet all this time." She broke the silence between them after seeing he had no intention to speak the slightest bit.

He turned to Felen who was staring at her with her forehead furrowed in suspi
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