60. Before The Storm

When Felen opened her eyes, she was already standing in the courtyard of the Leister family's manor. The building looked majestic, but was filled with emptiness like an uninhabited building. Not a single servant and maid was seen passing by. The aura emanating from the building also seemed very gloomy and dark.

"What is this?" Leon spoke first. His forehead was furrowed deep and his eyes narrowed sharply.

Not only did Felen feel the strangeness in the manor, but Leon also realized that something had happened there. The black energy colliding there looked extremely chaotic and strange as if it was done on purpose. Moreover, he felt the energy of his brothers, the princes of darkness.

Leon took a few steps forward with his arms outstretched forward. When his hand touched the empty air, suddenly static electricity appeared and hurt his hand until it was blistered. It was as if an invisible shield was refusing his presence to go deeper into the manor.

"Leon! Your hand ..." Felen exclaimed
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