SIMON JULIAN RECLINED naked in the arms of Jesus, surveying his chapel’s sanctuary for the last time.

He had shed his clothes and folded them neatly, applied some eyedrops, and had ascended into the welcoming outstretched arms above him. The Reverend sprawled corpselike in the large Christ statue’s embrace, blinking until his eyes cleared. His gaze fell upon the stained glass windows over the alcove.

Where next? he wondered, feet and hands dangling, head craned to one side. Hop ship for a life abroad, another continent—or remain close by? Explore this doleful heartland a bit longer.

Kansas, say: to the small town called Codell perhaps—ravaged by a tornado on May 20th of the year 1916 . . . and then again one year later on the same date: May 20th, 1917 . . . and again precisely one year after that: on May 20th of 1918—all three storms coming on like enraged beasts in the early evening hour.

So many places full of hopelessness and human grief. Places of maddeni
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