When Sally was around nine years old, her mother had walked into the living room to find Sally, with her hands on her father’s head and her eyes closed, praying to God in a loud voice. Sally had seen a film in morning assembly about Saints and the healing power of faith, so she’d been inspired to try it on her father.

She was sure that her father’s soul was still out there, caught somewhere between Heaven and Earth, waiting to return to his body. Sally wanted God to reach up and pull her father’s soul back into his body, so he could open his eyes and be his old self again. She was certain that God could do that if only she believed it hard enough and prayed as loud as she could.

She was praying so loudly that she didn’t hear her mother come into the room to see why she was making so much noise. The first she knew of her mother’s presence was the sharp stinging pain she felt as her mother slapped her hands away from her father.

“What on earth do you think you’re playing a
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