Chapter 21


Seeing as I have no car, and taking a taxi would be too conspicuous, I walk to the school. It’s fortunately only a twenty-minute walk, and since my adrenaline is pumping rather higher than normal, I make the walk in fifteen minutes. The sun is starting to set, and the autumn air is quite brisk, acting as extra motivation to walk faster than normal.

Before entering the school, I do a quick surveillance. Once again, Davison’s car conspicuously stands out as the only car in the school parking lot. But, I also notice a Mercedes that looks suspiciously like Christy’s car, parked conveniently across the street.

As nonchalantly as possible, with my heart racing as it is, I cross the street and enter the school through the front door, which I find is still unlocked after Davison left it open for Christy to enter.

Once inside and out of the range of prying eyes, I pick up my pace—hoping Davison and Christy will be too involved to hear me approaching. As I move through the vacated
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