Chapter Fifteen


In Lucas’ bedroom, Emily was sitting in a big armchair, finishing off her fourth jumbo cookie, eyes transfixed on the nautical map on the screen of her laptop. She chewed thoughtfully as a ship-shaped cursor—indicating The Spirit of the Ocean—blinked lazily on the coastline.

Across the room, Elmo and Lucas were sitting on the bed eating pistachio nuts from a bag. The shells were in a bowl, a myriad of tiny, gaping mouths that evidenced just how many had been gorged in the time Beatrice had been on the boat.

The two boys were facing Emily so she could lip read them, and also signed when relaying any important information Elmo found on the ship or its owners.

So far, Elmo had found out the background of Redfern’s company and a biography of the current owner. One of the things that had caught Elmo’s attention was the mention of the owner’s penchant for maritime antiquities, and his inclination to display these in most of the vessels that his company built.

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