Chapter Nineteen


For the first time in what seemed like forever, Beatrice felt genuinely terrified. Not scared, or afraid, not anxious or the many other nouns that she’d heard people describe how they felt when confronted with their worst fears. This was bone-chilling, brain-seizing fear, the kind that robbed rational thought, the kind that turned each chamber of her heart to ice water.

The land was gone. The sea was gone. Overhead the nebulous clouds and the stars in between were gone. All around the boat was an endless nothingness, so complete that it appeared both small and vast at the same time.

This was The Darkness. She knew this with a certainty that almost had her legs collapsing beneath her. Her arms were heavy, hanging at her sides like they were as useless as her situation.

“Well, I said I wanted to be in space but this isn’t quite what I had in mind,” Claire breathed beside her. “And here I thought this couldn’t get any worse.”

Beatrice tried to speak but nothing came
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