Chapter 9





chapter nine

Radford stood in the makeshift watchtower that had been erected when they set up camp. He stared out beyond the cordon. 

Warning bells had first started ringing when the “expedition” didn’t check in on the hour. Many attempts had been made to raise them since, but to no avail. Now they’d been out of contact for almost three hours. It was dark, and the major had a really bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. 

He’d taken his concerns to General Fitzpatrick, naturally—but he’d been in a meeting with Colonel Huxley. ‘They’re not to be disturbed,’ Dutton had informed him in no uncertain terms. 

‘Excuse me?’ said the major, glaring at him, which had been known to reduce some men to tears. 

‘He’s in the middle of something very important.’

‘Our team has gone dark, Dutton. This is important, as well. We need to—’

Dutton sniffed. Probably his allergies again, but Radford couldn’t help thinking the man was being dismi
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