Chapter 16





chapter sixteen

The ambulance had almost made it. Radford didn’t quite know what happened. 

It hadn’t been the Sleepers at the barrier attacking, or the ones chasing the ambulance, though they were pouring over it now. Must have been inside, because whoever had been driving was pulling some crazy stunts. Radford had just stood there and watched it brake, then roll over once to land on its side.

He was well aware of what happened after that, however—though he didn’t truly believe it. Dr Strauss, emerging from the vehicle, battered but still alive, carrying a woman Radford hadn’t seen before. He didn’t quite understand the significance of this, nor why the Sleepers near them were backing off. 

A few minutes later, another figure staggered from the wreckage. It was the black soldier, Jackson, who’d been fighting with... Timms, yes he was there too! Neither of them had their masks on, but seemed okay, if a little dazed and confused; helpi
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