Chapter 17





chapter seventeen

They were together at last. 

She didn’t know how it had happened, but she was delighted. Everything had changed after he’d kissed her for the first time back there. Then he’d told her he loved her and they were just sitting here on the beach, waiting for the dawn to break. It was the most romantic thing she’d ever experienced, like something out of a dream. That was it, this was her dream man. The one she’d longed for all her life. 

And as they held hands she knew it was going to last forever.

*    *    *

When Baker came to, it was still dark in the city. 

His legs were both smashed, but strangely he couldn’t feel a thing. He tried to pull the driver’s door open, but it was jammed. Hardly surprising after the crash; the last thing he remembered. He could see no sign of the case he had to deliver, and his radio was dead, so he grabbed his pistol and pulled himself along on his elbows, ou
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