WE FOLLOW THE beat-up Grobes truck at a distance so as not to garner too much attention. Fortunately, it’s starting to get dark out, which will make it harder for them to distinguish us.

After about a ten-minute drive, we find ourselves approaching the center of town and the truck turns right off of the main road into a parking lot, facilitating a large, white building. Mary Sue parks the car about a block away, and we watch as the two Clarks—easily distinguishable even in the fading twilight by the girth of one and lack of girth of the other—get out of the truck and disappear into the white building.

We wait in the car for about fifteen minutes, to make sure no one else arrives, before getting out and making our way down the block to investigate closer. The parking lot looks to be about half full, so the two Clarks must have been the last of the group to arrive.

As we draw closer to the white building, we begin to see a sign clearly marked at the front of the building: Bucksnor
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