Mr. Nobody


“Mommy! Noooo!”

Laughter echoed through Ellen Danvers’ small kitchen as she knelt and bent her son Timmy backward over her knee. He giggled while she pretended to lose her grip.

“Jeez, you’re heavy! What’ve you been eating? Hippos?”

His face split into a toothy grin. “N-no! Just p-puppies!”

“PUPPIES!” She shook him in mock fury. “That’s it! You’re gonna get it!”

His blue eyes widened in anticipation. “No!”

“Too late!”

She raised clenched fingers, her fake scowl threatening to break into a grin. “Now. You. Die!”


With an exaggerated downward thrust, she planted her hand into his belly and tickled him. He laughed and jerked, and alarm shivered through her as her grasp slipped. Timmy was only six, but he was so big for his age. If she wasn’t careful, he could squirm free, hit the floor . . .

Worry crept in, spoiling the moment and she stopped, gently grasping his shirt, tipping him up. She hugged him tight, closed her eyes, breathing deep. His speeding heart
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