Chapter 16


The creature moved first.

Emma gawked as the fingers on the giant’s hand extended. They drove toward her like the talons of some monstrous bird of prey, blotting out everything but the slices of the death head’s grin between. The palm was nearly pressed against her face before she managed to react.


Emma dove out of the way. She didn’t see the blade connect. There was only the wet sound of skin splitting and the vibration running up her arm. Her feet kicked open air as they left the ground. A fresh blast of ice and decay gave her just enough warning to release the handle before the wendigo’s teeth gnashed for her throat. The dead tree fell in the snow beside her. A slight grunt came from above while the beast wrenched the hatchet free and tossed it aside.

“That was very rude of you, Emma. You always did have lousy manners. I’ll have to leave part of you in the corner for time-out.”

Lying there, Emma took in the expanse of it from spider-veined legs to sunken cheeks.
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