" I haven't , don't worry .  " said Derrick with a smile .

Damian smiled them went back to his room . After changing his clothes , Derrick was waiting for him on the couch . The table was filled with food and he had placed two soft pillows behind the place where Damian would sit so that his back would be comfortable .

" What are you still doing here ? " asked Damian . 

" I am taking care of my boss who is hurt . " said Derrick with a smile .

" That sly expression of yours is starting to become similar to mine . " said Damian . 

" He he he ! I am so glad that apart from the arm you are fine . " said Derrick .

Damian smiled and went to sit at the place Derrick had prepared for him . He took the fork and was about to eat it but then he stopped the fork before putting it in his mouth .

" Wait..... " said Damian then looked at Derrick with a doubtful expression .

" You would never be this nice without a hidden

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