‘ I can’t believe it……The look he had on his eyes . That wasn’t the look on a normal angry moment . That’s the look of a person that despises the other……If he finds out that the reason why Antonia was kicked out of the house was because of me , I am afraid that he will definitely stick up to his words . ‘ thought Annette with a nervous expression as she adjusted her breathing .

She got up from the ground and hurried to go inside as she tried to calm herself down .

Axel was so annoyed that he entered to get his jacket . The waiter handed him his car keys on a golden tray .

“ Are you leaving already Axel ? “ asked mr Donovan .

“ Yeah ! I have some important job to do tomorrow . “ said Axel

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O.O well well there's no beating around the bush with Damian is there :)) hehe

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