The Ancient One

(Somewhere in the Burham mountains…)

The next day the sun rose on the horizon but the sun rays couldn't reach the ground of the forest that was densely packed with tall trees that gave thick foliage. Plants struggled to shoot up to receive sunlight and the smell of soft grass spread through the air when a tall man stepped on it.

He was being very slow and careful. His long silvery-white beard along with an equally pristine white robe was a stark contrast to the various shades of green and colorful flora everywhere around him.

The man was probably a few thousand years old but barely looked to be seventy. There were fine wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes but save that his skin looked taut and firm. His eyes darted from left to right as he looked around searching for what he had come for.

It had been his third attempt and his patience was beginning to wear off. The first two times he had let the intruder leave but not now. The robe swished in

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