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Valencia’s mind was reeling. She held to the tree for support and leaned onto it. She was afraid that she was losing her mind. There had never been a day when she had been unsure of herself, but now, when her mind was beginning to play tricks on her, now she was beginning to doubt herself.


The voices grew louder, persistent. It was her pack members, trying to get her attention. She took a moment to take a few deep breaths and calm herself. There was no way she could let them see her like this; afraid and confused.

She clenched her hand into a fist and punched the tree, the tiny jolt of pain momentarily making her forget everything else. It helped because when her pack had arrived, she looked her usual self.

Her gamma, Nathan had just reached her followed by the other members, Julie and Clark who were close on his heels.


Valencia asked them w

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