Be my guest

But then a thought crossed his mind and he decided to ask the archon.

Calhoun looked at Valencia and asked in a rough tone, “Am I not the guest of the archon as per old laws? A mage has to be welcomed and taken care of the highest authority of werewolves if I remember correctly.”

Valencia gritted her teeth. Damn old laws. She had forgotten about them because it had been centuries since a mage had visited them or even neared their territory. 

As such, they were obsolete and nobody knew if they were still under effect. But, he had saved her by keeping her secret safely hidden with him.

And, she didn't like this fact about him. She was under his thumb, and he could use that to extract a favor or use her to do things she didn't want to do, not willingly at least.

Valencia looked him in the eye and answered, “The old laws asked the werewolf with the highest authority i.e. me to welcome a mage, yes. So, I would like to welcome you to our headqu

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