He added in a small voice as he recalled how the Ancient One had promised that he would help skylark look as good as a real bird if he were to complete a task for him.

But now his master wasn't around so he had to figure out all the things for himself starting with skylark and the real reason for him being amongst the werewolves- finding out who was trying to hurt/possess Valencia.

The thought of the archon made his heart jump but he didn't know why that was the case. A small part of him was eager to meet her again even if all she did was scowl at him or smile a little too sweetly at him.

Martha replied, “Ohhh…” and began trimming his hair. For the next few minutes, the only sound was the clipping sound of the scissors as Martha worked her magic on the mage. 

He didn't even know how long his hair had grown or the last time when he had gotten a haircut. Well, if he ignored the one time when a sword had slashed through his hair, missing his neck by

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