My bad

Valencia rolled her eyes at the thought and did her best to not look at Calhoun. After the food was served, they began eating quietly and after a few minutes of silence where the only thing audible was the soft clanks of spoons against china, Dominic asked, “So, did you hear any news from your side?”

Calhoun knew he was asking about the death of the Ancient One and if it had been discovered. The mage only shook his head and answered, “None, yet. I guess, the mages are all under hibernation or deep meditation themselves.”

“Oh, I would like you to be very, very steady in front of me.”

Valencia’s wolf chuckled and she hastily added something without thinking, “Why didn't you go to meditate as well?”

The wolf chuckled inside her and Valencia realized how rude she must sound to someone who had arrived in their territory after saving her and keeping the fact secret that the highest authority that is the ancient one was dead because of her, no not because of

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