Before either of them knew what was happening, a huge gust of wind threw her to the side while Dominic was suspended in the air as he felt something brush his fur.

He looked up to see skylark flapping his large wings and holding him by his claws but ensuring that they didn't hurt him.

Relief broke out on the she-wolf’s face to see that the alpha was safe and that the mage’s bird had arrived.

That meant the mage was nearby too. She looked around in confusion and sure enough, she saw a man rush towards them wearing a blue shirt and black pants, the same dress she had seen him in some time ago.

He looked at the she wolf and then immediately moved his hands like a ball of light shot out of it, hitting the hycwen who had dropped Dominic straight in the chest.

Seeing the ball come out of nowhere scared the hycwen as it tumbled down, taking the next one with him.

Gritting his teeth, Calhoun marched forward as he sent bursts of balls towards e

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