The thought was absurd but as it was almost a direct command of their alpha, they couldn't openly deny her.

As such they only looked at her silently and Dominic came to her rescue. He clapped his hands and spoke, “We are also proud of you all for your support and teamwork in today’s battle. Now, please excuse us as we work on finding why the hcywens suddenly attacked us. Those who are okay please tend to the ones who are injured. Dismiss.”

He said and the crowd thinned but everybody kept glancing at the mage who had reverted his attention back to his pet bird who was perched on his shoulder.

In the sunlight, he looked even better as the blue shirt complimented the grey of his eyes

The bodies of the hycwens lay on the ground, half mutilated with some having their organs scattered all over the border.

When all the others left, Valencia stifled a scream as pain shot up her leg. For a second, she thought the pain of the wound had returned but when

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