The omega got a call on his phone and he immediately received it.

Clearly, it was Valencia.

“Yes, archon?”

She said something and the omega responded to her in a low voice, “Yes, I am with Calhoun…no…I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

Saying that he disconnected the call as Calhoun had strained his ears to hear her voice.

He could have very well shut his perception but after seeing the memory of young Valencia crying in the same hall while every other person laughed at her, he couldn't help but feel the urge to know what must have happened in her past life.

Calhoun wanted to know the reason why the tough and cold archon was like this. Was it because she was treated like this in the past? He needed answers and he was actually glad that she had asked him to stay in the round hall.

Now that he had the book, he could use it to do what he wanted with it. Extract information and maybe find clues as to

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