I will wait for you

As she kept thinking about this stuff, her feet automatically carried her to the headquarters.

She walked inside the headquarters, climbed the stairs, and got to the upper floor where Daniel was sitting on the chair. He looked weak but not as exhausted as before. The guards stationed outside the room bowed their heads at her.

“Has he eaten something?”

One of the werewolves who were standing away from her bowed his head and answered, “Yes archon, we gave him food and he finished that reluctantly. In fact, he has been asking to meet you. But, we didn’t inform you because we thought it was too early.”

She nodded her head in acknowledgment and went inside. Daniel was in a fresh set of clothes, probably Gerald had given her a new set. He even looked to have bathed and not as harrowed as the night before.

Daniel had a notebook and a pen in front of him and appeared to be scribbling something. Seeing her enter the room, he got up from his seat and bo

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