Happily ever after

Valencia let out a growl on hearing that. 

“How could you, Trecdor? She is a little girl…all these days…I have been living with the guilt of scaring her and it was you all along?”

Trecdor spat at her words in disgust, “Trecdor? Do you dare call me by my name? Where is your respect for the Coven's head?”

Valencia meanwhile kept glaring at him, “You lost it when you sent an untrained, tainted werewolf after my niece, you don’t have the right to that seat after what you have been doing to the humans…”

Dominic tried to mind link her, “Keep him busy talking, I’ll try to untie the knots holding me to this filthy pillar.”

She was startled to hear his voice in her head all of a sudden but Trecdor only took it as the reaction to his betrayal.

To goad her further, he added, 

What use is she to me? Well, if she grows up and is capable of birthing a wolf then she may be of some use…if not, she is a burden on our community…like yo

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Alyssa Lyons
Well it was a happy ending but I feel like it was cut way to short considering how well the book was written. I wish there would have been a few chapters of the epilogue so we could hear about them getting married and if the werewolf race was able to breed more and find their mates!
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