Chapter 22

Gail sat, crossed legged. She ran her fingertips over the blades of grass, trying to decide if she should ask Joel what was wrong or not. Ever since she’d come back that morning, he’d been distant and quiet. Even now they had taken their habitual walk to the forest clearing, Joel laid in the grass, looking up at the sky. He hadn’t said more than a handful of words to her. Something upset him, but she hesitated to ask what in case he might be mad at her. Gail didn’t think she had done anything wrong.

Perhaps it was about her going off with her aunt that morning, but Joel agreed to stay behind. Or perhaps he only said that to get on his aunt’s good side and expected Gail to insist that he go with them? She clasped her hands together, twisting her fingers. She would never figure it out if she didn’t speak up. Gail sighed and looked down at a small patch of dandelions next to her.

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