Chapter 5


Everyone laughs and as the couple walk around me they get bombarded by the other students all pulling money out of their pockets. I am really confused about who this Alpha guy is that they are talking about as I haven't met anyone by that name but then by some of their reactions he seems to be a really bad guy to be around, he seems to scare even them, I am really starting to hope I don't ever meet this Alpha. I slowly move and get back up to my feet, I then bend back down and pick up the sandwiches I had bought for lunch, luckily they weren't squashed as all the others rushed over to make their bets. I then make my way slowly back to principal Abigail's office wondering what I did to deserve this, when I get to her office I knock softly on the door. I step back and while I wait I remove the hair tie from my hair and pull my fringe forward so that it covers most of the side of my face as I can feel the bruise on my cheek starting already and she wont like me wearing my hoodie in her office. Once I hear principal Abigail say 


"Come in!"


I open the door, turn as I enter so I can close the door behind me, I keep as much of my face hidden behind my hair hiding as much of the red hand print or the bruise that is starting caused by the girl slapping me, I don't know if the principal noticed the change in me or not as I make sure not to move my hair as I place the sandwich on the table, she passes me a book entitled Supernatural History and says


"You are a fair way behind in our history class so why don't you pull up a seat in the corner over there and start reading, try and get through as much as you can before going to class after lunch, the rest of the class is already half way through at the chapter called 'How and Why Were-Wolves were made', but as you are new and by looking at your file you haven't done any work in this subject at all so you will need to read it from the start." 


I took the book even though I had no idea why I had to learn about anything Supernatural or Werewolves and their history but then this day has been so strange why shouldn't the school be as well, so I guess a new school means new and different ways of learning. 


I spend the rest of the day reading either in principal Abigail's office or in the back of the classroom with the other students, I stay as far away from everyone as much as possible because after what happened at lunch I don't think I am actually going to make any friends which makes me miss Whytt and Macy even more and it has only been a few days. I must remember to send them a text later and see how things are going. 


Once school is finished Abigail calls me back to her office to inform me "Don't come until History tomorrow, I should have an answer by the end of the week about your exams and whether or not you can take them early. I have also looked into maybe, if you want to that is, for you to get a head start on your college courses, since you have more or less completed here." 


"You mean I would be going to the college here?" 


"Yes, we have some really good courses in the two fields you told me you wanted to do.." 


"Thank you that would be really nice." 


This was good news and for the first time today I actually had a smile on my face, I was hoping to get away from the school and head back to the mansion without running into any of the other students especially Mason and Kelly, I found out their names during History class role call but it wasn't to be. As I came slightly skipping out of the main building after hearing the good news from principal Abigail, heading towards the mansion for my next shift they both approached me at the bottom of the steps making me side step and then back up until they had me cornered and my back was pressed against the wall. 


Kelly steps up to me first, runs her fingers along the side of my face moving my hair and then letting out a small laugh as she sees the bruise she put on my cheek at lunch, unfortunately as she moves her fingers down more I see the moment she realises that I am wearing concealer around my neck. I drop my backpack and go to move but she now grabs my hair and holds me still as she uses her other hand to remove some of the concealer, I flinch in pain at the pressure she uses, turning to Mason as she does so 


"Mason! Looks like the Alpha has already had some fun with her!" 


He smiles as he then pushes Kelly out of the way, placing his hand around my neck just like the boss did this morning but Mason didn't stop there, as he tightened his hold around my throat he ran his other hand up and down my side, while pushing himself more and more into me, then just before he forced his lips to mine he whispered 


"Was this what he did to you or was he more forceful? Is this how you like it?" 


Fear runs through me as I could hear Kelly laughing and saying something to Mason, I try to struggle to get him off of me, to stop him touching me like he was but I couldn't move. I couldn't believe this was happening now after everything, I haven't let anyone this close to me since I broke up with my boyfriend and I wasn't going to let some guy take what isn't his to take without a fight. I struggle against him again listening to Kelly laughing in the background, I manage to move my leg just a bit making him smile against my lip as he moved his body even closer again forcing one leg between mine and placing the other on the outside of my thigh. I gather all the strength I have and bring up my knee hitting him hard in the balls, I smile a little as he pulls back from his kiss with a slight growl, steps back and bends over holding himself while swearing at me. I however don't stick around to see what he is going to do about it, I pick up my backpack from off the ground and run as quickly as I can to the mansion taking a quick look at my phone realising that I am going to be late because of them. 


Once at the mansion I head straight into the maids change lockers, change my school uniform to my maids uniform grab my cleaning gear, as I enter the elevator I look up and see my reflection and pale. Tabitha told me this morning as I started that my hair had to be always up and out of the way, I quickly put down my cleaning supplies and using the al of the elevator as a mirror I put my hair up into a very messy bun making sure it was all out of my face except for that one stubborn piece that was never long enough no matter how hard I tried to grow it. Double checking my hair I catch sight of my neck and realise that I didn't bring my concealer with me to recover the bruises the boss gave me this morning and Mason had just made worse and the bruise Kelly put on my cheek at lunch. 


I was already late so there wasn't much I could do about it now, so I just picked up my cleaning supplies and once the elevator doors opened I went to work, I started in his bedroom this time as I had been told he would be in his office working once he returned from his trip, I wonder if I was the only one that knew he got back early. I quickly strip his bed making a small note on my hand that I can put on the calendar inside my locker at the end of my shift, I am surprised at how nice everything smelled as I gathered his sheets and pillow cases in my hands taking a deep breath, I put them in a pile near the door to take to the laundry once I am finished. I then pull out fresh silk sheets and remake his bed. Once that is done I finish the rest of the room including the ensuite, I then slowly make my way around the rest of the rooms on the floor until the only room left is his office. 


After our encounter this morning I lift my hand and gently touch my neck and shiver a little, I have never really been afraid of anything before, scared yes but not afraid and I am willing to give anything a try within reason but if this morning is anything to go by the boss not only scares me but I am now afraid of what he would and could do to me and I don't even think he was angry with me being here this morning just surprised. I put the cleaning basket down next to the door and pace a little fiddling with my fingers, I stop to knock but then pace a little again, I am afraid of him touching me like that again and then what Mason just did comes flashing back to me as well, I then seem to mix the two seeing the boss pinning me to the wall with his yellow flashing eyes running his hands over my body while kissing me. I shake my head and stop in front of the door to knock again but I just couldn't make myself do it, I lower my hand and back away just as the door opens. 


I start at his feet slowly moving my eyes up his lean legs, to his waist, I skip over the obvious bulge in the front of his pants and continue up his stomach and chest that are covered by a very tight fitting sexy black shirt. I can't stop as I continue my scan of him and I get to his face, he has a dark 5 o'clock shadow running along his jawline, I move up to his lips which are thin and pressed into an even thinner line but it is his eyes that end up captivating me. They are a beautiful emerald green, with a hint of that flickering gold. 


Looking into his eyes like this I want to step forward, lay my hand onto his cheek and kiss his lips, for the first time even after what happened this morning and then this afternoon with Mason, I actually want this man to touch me, to posses me, to own me, to make me only his. I am about to step forward slightly raising my hand, when someone clears their throat down the hall. I blink my eyes breaking the connection, embarrassed I step back until my back is pushed up against the wall behind me and I bow my head looking at the floor whispering 


"I'm sorry I disturbed you Sir! I can clean your office in the morning, as I don't have to be at school until later tomorrow." 


I'm not sure if he was going to say something as I don't look at him and I move slowly, sliding

myself along the wall and away from the man in front of me, I don't know if I will be able to keep my hands to myself, keep myself from touching him, from kissing him if I look up into his eyes again. Once I am a little way away from him I chance a quick glance and see that his attention is now on the person that cleared their throat and not me, I quickly turn and walk fast heading for the elevator. I shakily use my passkey, enter the elevator, use my pass again so that the elevator goes down I then skip the locker room and head straight out of the mansion.


Once outside I run, I don't know where I am running but I make sure I am on the outskirts of the town so that I don't run into any of the students from the school, the last thing I need now it to be caught by Mason or Kelly in the rattled state I am in. I don't know if I would be able to fight off Mason if he tried what he did at the school this afternoon again, I don't stop running until I trip on a fallen branch, catching and tearing my uniform as I fall to the ground. I land hard and it takes me a moment to catch my breath before moving into the sitting position, I look around and once I know that I am alone I let the tears that have been wanting to fall since the boss had his hand wrapped tightly around my throat this morning, do just that, fall!. 


I stay sitting there for some time until it starts to get cold and I start shivering. I slowly start to move and feel the pain in my thigh for the first time. I carefully get to my feet and see that I now have a three inch gash along the side of my left thigh from tripping over the fallen branch. I sigh as I tear a piece of material off of my ruined uniform and wrap it firmly around my thigh, holding in the scream of pain that wanted to escape, the last thing I needed was someone coming out to see what was going on. I then continue to hobble as best I can on the outskirts of the town heading away from it. I am not going home as I don't know how to explain it to my dad and I am not going back to the mansion as I don't know how he will react or how I will for that matter, he seems to throw me off balance and make me want to do things that I have never even considered before, I am actually afraid of what I will do. I also will not be treated like someone a guy can touch in any way he likes whenever he likes just because he wants too. 


I don't have my backpack so I don't have anything on me, no phone, no money and no change of clothes, so I scream out in surprise and fear as I am grabbed from behind, lifted and then carried in the bridal style. I struggle and hit the person holding me until even more fear settles over me as he seems to growl 


"Stop hitting me or you will not like the concenquenses!" 


I stop moving immediately as he voice makes flashes of him holding me by my throat pass once again in front of my eyes. I then feel us moving as he turns around and heads back the way we came, I don't know why but for some reason even though I am scared out of my mind as to what he will do to me I feel safe in his arms and the warmth that is coming off of him makes me feel really tired. I don't want to trust the man holding me as he has yet to give me reason to but as the last shiver of cold leaves my body, warmed by him I succumb to the darkness that is calling me.

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Louisa Monica Hilaly
what did I say the same bullshit story. Who cares that he almost choked to death. She still craves his touch. So pathetic .
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jyoti kapoor
So cruel !!
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Why do some of these shifter books have to include so much violence? There better not be rape or Im done.

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