Chapter 124


Unfortunately, the connection I now have with him will always be there even after he releases me as he created a blood bond between us but after what happened on the battlefield and with what Aaliyah had told me, I had worked out that it was more for my protection once he had purchased me from Toby as he didn't trust Toby to keep his word. I don't believe that he will use the blood bond once he releases me to Logan. I am startled out of my head when there is a knock on the door. I turn to see my father standing there.

"DADDY!" I smile and run across the room, wrapping my arms around him as he says,

"Now that is my little Princess..."

I pull back a little as I say, "But I'm not so little anymore..."

He laughs and pulls me back into a tight hug, but it only lasts for a second as he receives a kick in the stomach, not once, but twice. You see, once we returned, we found out that I am not having one pup. I am having two, one male and one fe

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Valerie Crabtree
I was hoping he would set he free... that is the only way she can be happy and at ease with logan

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