Luis Hagar & MCIT

Draven honestly said. “I do want to enter one of the Big Five but I am not sure on which one”

“Then I can help you” Luis cleared his throat and tossed a cube in Draven’s direction. The cube rolled and morphed into a comfy couch. He signalled for him to take a seat. Draven silently settled himself on the couch and listened.

“Each of the Big five have their own speciality, like Luturian Alchemy Academy, which focuses on Alchemy. Sure, there are many alchemy-based universities, but what they lack is the quality of professors, lectures, or the ability to gain resources. Which will be used to nurture their seedlings and naturally bring them fame and reputation across the universe”

“Entrium University is known as the number one on white paper because they normally recruit the children of the elite and have the backing of many high-net-worth individuals and families”

“So, it is a playground of snotty br

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