Chapter 9: Immunity Eight (and Nine)

“Stop… shifting.”

At the cold command, Keegan abruptly realized his knee bounced uncontrollably and he hastily stopped moving. “We’re going to get expelled from the academy,” he explained in a high-pitched ton

Kai Edlen had already exited the office a few minutes earlier. Besides the dark expression on Edlen’s face, Keegan couldn’t discern what had transpired inside that office. Not only did they face possible banishment from the academy, but the man inside that office also petrified Keegan to the point of nause


The true King to the Igni peopl

“We’re not going to get expelled

Keegan rubbed his sweaty palms across his trousers and looked at the younger man sitting beside hi

As usual, Micah was the picture of serenity and composure. He ran a critical eye down Micah’s f

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