Chapter 13: Immunity Thirteen

Once a month, Concordia Academy held liturgy.

The academy expected all cadets to attend.  

Today was their first liturgy and Micah couldn’t imagine better timing. His team hadn’t slept well the past few nights, still haunted by their mission and their comrade’s gruesome death. News of the incident traveled quickly across the academy and gossip eagerly raged.

Enduring the looks, the talks, and the accusations hadn’t been easy for some members of the team. While Micah could shoulder the attention, he knew the others had trouble dealing with Wayde’s absence and functioning under the negative scrutiny.

Liturgy would at least soothe their troubles, at least for an hour or two.

Micah wasn’t so fortunate.

He wasn’t a religious individual. While he acknowledged the existence of the gods, or, more appropriately, the

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