Chapter 16: Immunity Sixteen

“Councilman Devereux will see you now, Mr. Edlen.”

Kai nodded sharply to the butler.

He stood from one of the several chairs positioned on either side of the long corridor. A rich, mahogany wainscot clashed opulently with the deep cherry and gold-patterned walls. As he straightened his tailored coat, his attention lingered on the gold frames hanging on the walls, focusing specifically on the largest painting.

Stilling, he stared.

He’d seen it a dozen times before, yet in the past, he’d always walked by without a second glance. It was an old adornment to the wall, as noted by the use of oil paints. If it had been newer, it would have been a colorless photograph like some of the other pieces in its immediate proximity.

Kai was glad it was an oil painting.

Photographs, though entirely realistic and lifelike, did not possess the color of life.

He stared into the blue eyes of his lost friend, feeling t

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