Chapter 18: Immunity Eighteen

A sword clattered to the ground followed by an overzealous whop.

“You did it, Keegan!”

Looking over his shoulder, Micah calmly surveyed the pair of exuberant Igni students.

Keegan stood victoriously across from Aiden, the latter not appearing crestfallen over his defeat. Instead, his grin nearly cracked his face into two. True pride. Micah found himself mirroring the sentiment, appraising Keegan fondly.

The boy finally did it.

Granted, Keegan was drenched with sweat and appeared as if he’d just overexerted himself, but that was a familiar sight these past few weeks.

Keegan was determined. His determination paid off, it seemed. Micah’s earlier uncertainties about his overenthusiastic claim that he’d improve his swordsmanship abilities had since quelled.

Evidently, he shouldn’t have been concerned. Everything had worked out in the end.

“You’ll be good enough to beat Mi

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