Chapter 20: Immunity Twenty

“They call them funnel cakes, Micah!”

Micah offered Viktor an unimpressed look as he reluctantly brought the piece of cake up to his mouth. As he tasted the deep-fried pastry, his taste buds instantly swelled as the powdered sugar and the plump, lightly crisp dough hit his tongue. It was sweet, he noted. Almost too sweet. No. Not almost. It was definitely too sweet.

“You can dip it in this.” Aiden held up the small container of amber liquid and shook it tauntingly. “Syrup.”

“Syrup,” Micah repeated dimly. “That is all sugar.”

“Well, that’s the point, isn’t it?” Viktor inquired, ripping off a large piece of the twisted pastry with his teeth. “Sugar. Fat. Deliciousness.” He soaked an entire piece of pastry with syrup and somehow managed to stuff it in his mouth without any dripping down his chin.

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