Chapter 22: Immunity Twenty Two

Waking up was inevitable.

The greedy and consuming hands of unconsciousness loosened their hold from his subconscious and tossed him carelessly back into reality. A heavy weight of doom held him down, reminding him of the events that transpired.

Gradually, he opened his eyes and submerged readily in the melancholy. The anger and the loss.

Micah braced his hands at his sides and slowly eased himself into a sitting position. He was in a bedroom and he knew immediately it belonged to Josiah.

His hands curled at his sides and he breathed in deep.

Keegan was gone.

Micah forced away the suffocating sorrow and embraced his anger instead. Said anger centered on a specific man, seeing him as the direct reason for tonight’s events. Whether his anger was justified or not, whether Josiah deserved the brunt of the blame or not, Micah found it the easiest to hold the man responsible. 

Unfortunately, before he could get

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