Chapter 10

Evelyn’s POV

“Why didn’t you help me? You just stood there and watched,” I yelled at Orion.

“Stop getting you knickers in a twist, Love. You needed to learn,” Ryland tells me, making me glare in his direction.

“Learn what? That doesn’t even make any sense,” I scream at him before walking back in the bathroom and grabbing my clothes off the bench. I go to pull off the towel to get dressed when Orion walks in handing me some clothes. They still have the tags on them, making me question when he had the time to buy them. “Get dressed we will be leaving soon; Thaddeus wants to get on the road.”

“I am not going anywhere with any of you,” I tell him, taking the clothe

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goodnovel comment avatar
She is not serious. She ran away straight to her work where they could easily find her??
goodnovel comment avatar
Shanna Leigh
I'm really liking this story!

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