Chapter 11

“I know she is here.” I can hear Meranda choking and Lisa nudges me with her foot. 

“You have three seconds to come out, Evelyn, or I kill your friend,” Thaddeus growls out before hearing the sound of chairs moving and the bell going off as people run from the cafe. Standing up, I walk out of the kitchen. Thaddeus has Meranda by the throat, letting her go when I walk out and she stumbles back clutching her throat, her red hair half pulled from its bun. She had tears on her cheeks. I felt so guilty. I shouldn’t have run, or at least shouldn’t have come here. But where did I have to go? I was hoping they wouldn’t make a scene here, seeing as it is a pretty popular cafe on this side of town. 

Thaddeus moved around the counter before reaching for me and ripping me towards him, making me stumble into his chest. His

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Comments (3)
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Sue Waymire
Same here…it’s “failing” to turn the page
goodnovel comment avatar
Margaret Creamer
Why does it keep saying Failed when I try to turn the page? Anybody know what’s wrong?
goodnovel comment avatar
Suzanne Scott
I'm only on chapter 12 but I'm hooked this is a very interesting story

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