Chapter 14

Evelyn’s POV

After having breakfast for dinner, I head into the lounge room. Sitting on the couch, Orion follows me out before sitting next to me. “We should head to bed soon,” Orion tells me.

Thaddeus and Ryland walk out and head upstairs and I see Orion watch them go. “Come on, you should sleep,” he says, and I shake my head not wanting to go to bed. I definitely didn’t want to sleep in a bed with Thaddeus and Ryland. I had spent most of the day and night asleep.

“I’m not tired, you go to bed” I tell him. Orion chuckles to himself, making me look at him. “What?” I ask, wondering what he thought was so funny.

“Nothing, I don’t sleep. I wish I could, I miss sle

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Comments (4)
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Taylor Callender
Hold up…. Was that Ryland that jumped her or who?? I’m soo confused…..
goodnovel comment avatar
India Nicole
I feel like I’m missing something here. What happened after she ran outside at the end of chapter 12??
goodnovel comment avatar
Kayla Halleur
I feel like I'm missing a chapter here. I know chapter 13 is a repeat of chapter 12, but the way chapter 14 starts makes me wonder if we're missing the correct chapter 13. Author: can this be fixed?

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