Chapter 15

Evelyn’s POV

Waking up, I roll before squealing when I feel myself falling, my eyes snapping open. Just before hitting the floor, an arm snakes around my waist, pulling me back and onto their chest. My heart races at the sudden shock of nearly falling off and then races harder when I realise, I am now laying on top of the devil himself. My eyes open to see Thaddeus with eyes half open watching me. He yawns, and I can tell I woke him. What I don’t remember was getting in a bed with him. 

I could feel Thaddeus breathing change as he awoke completely. A smile on his lips. He almost looked human in this moment. All traces of the monster I know is gone. Just hypnotic green eyes I could get lost in and full lips only centimetres away from mine. “Good morning, Evelyn,“ he whispers watching me closely. His hand on my back rubbing my s

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interesting story! I'm hooked!

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