Chapter 16

Thaddeus POV

She was fine, I could feel her through Ryland. She felt safe and liked what he was doing to her, and a little shocked and uneasy at her reaction to us. But I could tell she was new to pleasure. She wanted to know what it felt like, her inexperience showing with the way she didn’t know what she was feeling, just that she liked it. That’s why I asked. Why asked if she wanted him to stop, I could still feel her fear of us, but our hands overrode it, touching her. I could smell her arousal perfuming the air, she was so lost in the feeling of us she hadn’t noticed Orion watching from the armchair. He wanted her not to fear us, so he gave us this moment with her. 

Then she froze, her entire body locked up when Ryland pushed his finger inside her. I pulled back slightly and the look on her face was like she went somewhere else

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