Chapter 19

Evelyn’s POV

Waking up, I am pressed against Thaddeus, his hand in the centre of my back. I felt wide awake, like I had the best sleep and felt completely rested. Sitting up, I find Thaddeus is the only person left in the room. Thaddeus is watching me and he looked like he had been awake for a while. 

Going to get off him, his arm tightens around me. “I didn’t want to wake you,” he says, and I notice a book beside him. Proving, he had been trapped under me for a while. 

“What time is it?” I ask.

“Little after lunch time,” Thaddeus answers. 

“I should let you get up,” I tell him, trying to shift off him. 

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Margaret Mattingly
love this book need more like this...️...

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