Chapter 45

We drove to the park, the place was surprisingly not as packed out as I was expecting and only a few people were around with their kids. Pulling up, Amara squeals happily and I climb out of the car before opening the back door and retrieving Mara from her carseat. The park was pretty big and had everything including picnic areas and a barbeque and also a sandpit.

She runs straight for the boot of the car the moment her feet touch the ground bouncing up and down excitedly. Ryland pops it open before handing her, her bucket and Pale before she runs off toward the sandpit.

Ryland followed closely behind her before flopping down in the sand next to her and helping her fill her bucket. Mara seemed happy enough but I did notice a few of the parents grab their kids the moment he stepped into the sandpit dragging them away or just leaving entirely, eventually they all

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